Passport Renewal Process

US passports and passports from other countries around the world, just like any other government identification card, has its expiration date. These US passport can be renewed either when it has not yet expired or it is nearing its expiration date and it could also be renewed when it has passed or reached its expiration date. It is common that people forget that they need to renew their US passport. This is either due to them being super busy with the things they do or it could also be because they do not need their passport at the moment. Sometimes, people would only realize that they need to renew their passport when their plans to travel to another country is nearing. 24 Hour Passport and Visa has provided their clients with a step by step procedure to renew your passport.

First, let us know who are eligible to apply for a US passport renewal. These conditions must be met.

Process of Renewal

24 Hour Passport and Visa is an agency that is private and non-government. They provide their clients with passport and visa services for different applications such as applying for a new passport or visa, renewal of passport, applying a passport for your children, and changes in your passport. Their fees for their service, especially for expedite, is not included in the additional charge of the government fee for they provide a separate service.