What to Look for In Eco-Friendly Earrings

In these times, the aesthetic earrings you purchase should be more eco friendly. Not only can it feel good to buy earrings from a sustainable source, but it’s better for the environment overall. Whether you’re buying bee earrings, baby hoop earrings, or mini hoop earrings, here are some ways to make sure they are eco friendly.


One of the classic ways to keep something environmentally friendly is to make it from recycled goods. Plenty of metals, rocks, and other materials used to make pink earrings, heart earrings, or mini hoop earrings come from recycled goods when you're purchasing from an eco friendly seller. If you are unsure, always ask.

Cruelty or Conflict Free

It’s no secret that jewelry, as well as anything else you buy, can come from sources that are unethical. An eco friendly provider of butterfly earrings or red hoop earrings will tell you what mine or factory the earrings come from, and you can see if it meets your standards. Cruelty free means the workers were fairly compensated and the working conditions met ethical standards.

Energy Sources

It takes a lot of energy to make jewelry, be it cherry kiss earrings, neon earrings, or snakes and earrings. An ethical earring company will use greener energy sources. While it’s tough to rely solely on green energy, an ethical company will try their hardest to be as green as possible and will invest in greener sources.

Made From Alternative Materials

There are many types of earrings that don’t come from metals. Some people may use paper, wood, or nontraditional materials to make their earrings. Not only can this be better for the environment, but they can stand out among a sea of earrings that look the same.

Going to websites like Etsy can connect you with earrings that are made from unique materials. Not only can you support a local artist, but you tend to come out of it with a unique pair of earrings that you are going to love.


Another idea is to purchase used jewelry. Going thrift shopping from jewelry, especially at a local shop, can not only support an official business, can not only give you earrings that are cheaper, but it’s a more ethical way to buy earrings that are made a little questionably.

With that said, make sure to clean the earrings before you try them on. Sanitize them as much as you can before trying them.

Donate Your Old Pair

When you are done with your earrings, try donating them or recycling them. You not only need to buy green items, but you need to dispose of them in a green fashion. Look at a local recycling or donation center near you and see what you can do with that.  In conclusion, these are a few ways you can be green when you buy jewelry. Going green doesn’t mean you can’t look great. Follow these tips and you’re on your way for a greener lifestyle.